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The Last All-Nighter

The Last All-Nighter The night before graduation, I was about to turn in for a good nights sleep so that I could wake up early the next day to figure out how to pack for the event under my regalia. But a fateful gchat with Chris 09, cofounder of  Lingt  and inventor of the iDoor, which I lived behind one summer and used to let my cat in and out when I was away,  tumbled all these plans, only to build loftier ones in their place. As we reminisced over our shared ambitions of livestreaming graduation from our hats, I realized I didnt have to reminisce just yet, and pranced off to a machine shop in the A.M. after finding out about Justin.TVs livestreaming app, which sadly did not exist during Chriss graduation. Lesson 1: Unless youve strategically exploited the UROP system for machine shop access (I did this freshman year), none of the good shops are available after midnight. My dreams of a sleek, servo-mounted, milled phone dock with an integrated charging cable were shattered. Eventually,  I did find a barely functional, rickety drill press with a broken table in the EC basement. It puttered so slowly that I had to really simplify the rig, which ended up consisting of a bit of duct tape, two elastic hair ties, and a few pathetic scroungings from the emptied-out machine shops: a scrap of discarded 11 steel angle, two screws, and five hex nuts, whose flat sides I used to constrain the phone on my mortarboards y-axis. Also, about fifteen bobby pins to keep the dang thing on my head. I spent the rest of the night getting the various paraphernelia I was going to smuggle into graduation in order (my real camera, spare batteries, memory cards, beach balls), and did some tests to check battery drain and streaming quality. Video drains my phone battery like crazy, thus the solar charger, which actually had to be screened by three different people when I went to check in for graduation. Staff: Whats that? Me: Its a solar charger. Staff: What does it do? Me: er, Im sorry, what do you mean by that? Staff: Like, what does it do. Me: it collects solar energy, and uses it to charge things. Staff: Ill have to check with my supervisor. Because, you know, 9/11. Me: Did you actually just say that. The setup was surprisingly sturdy and usable; I was able to reliably holster or unholster my phone one-handed in about five seconds even in my bleary-eyed state. Occams Razor FTW. This was empirically tested many, many times over the course of graduation, as the livestream connection died repeatedly thanks to  the 4000 or so phones clogging 3G and wifi, and I had to use my phone for phone things as well. I resorted to normal video for most of the key moments (at least until my battery died), which I have posted below. If you have ever met me, you will know that I am extremely short; that worked out well for this video as my height + hat height + phone height = normal person height. As you may have noticed, MIT graduations are known for their weird mortarboards, which are usually related to the mortarboard-wearers major in some way. Below is a shot of Susan Hockfield staring with barely restrained awe at Norataur (photo cred: Noel Morales), whom you may otherwise know as Nora, previously featured in my post How Wrestling With Snapping Turtles Can Get You Into MIT. At the EECS post-graduation reception, some MITERS showed up with tiny go-karts, because why not. Not long after graduation, I flew off for vacation and am currently writing this post from Paris. After I get back, Ill be starting as a software developer at Bluefin Labs, an ex-Media Lab project that turned into a Cambridge-based startup and now serves up TV analytics using a really interesting combination of machine vision, natural language processing, and social data. Thank you to everyone who made the last four years amazing! Its been real. Post Tagged #Commencement

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Beautiful Advice - 2178 Words

Beautiful Advice By Alton D. Ray ENG 122 St. Leo University Professor J. Pushkin Beautiful Advice Growing up is normally considered to be a difficult time in the lives of most individuals. As children, most individuals can recall their parents sitting them down to talk about certain situations in order to give them a bit of advice. Maybe, the majority of the time, the advice may have been for their best interest and at other times just out of simple care. Yet, no matter the reason, it was done for guidance and out of love. Many times children seem to overlook the advice and wisdom of their parents, only to find their best efforts to make choices harder than expected and not as productive as they may have hoped. Yet, there are†¦show more content†¦It creates an image as though a parent has walked in the room and noticed a bit of complexity to the face of their child. It sets a stage that instantly starts one’s mind to imagine themselves in that scene. It follows with a contradictory statement that has an undertone of carefulness, â€Å"for they go fast, and young men lose their lives in strange and unimaginable ways† (Meinke 447). This is a complete contradiction to the first two lines of the poem that insist that a person should be adventurous and wild, to utterly enjoy one’s life to the fullest of their ability and definitely not to be cautious. But, Professor Meinke continues this type of contradictory style throughout the poem. A few lines will set a precedence of a valued thought and then it is followed with something of the same nature, but clearly from the opposite end of the moral spectrum. The next lines of the first verse continues with the same type of contradictory style that adds to the advice of caution even deeper, â€Å"But at the same time, plan long range (for they go slow: if you survive the shattered windshield and the bursting shell you will arrive at our approximation here below heaven or hell)† (Meinke 447). Telling the son that there are many adversities that are encountered in a young man’ s life, some are simple as car crashes and others as complex as war. Yet, the entire first verse of the poem is not what one would call rhyming, but it doesShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Lyrics: Beautiful by Christina Aguilera1905 Words   |  8 PagesDouble Standards: Dont Look at Me Dont look at me is the first line of Christina Aguileras song Beautiful. This instant whisper from the voice of Aguilera creates an ashamed vibe for the song. It is spoken quietly and without any musical instrumentation. As the music softly and brilliantly builds up to the first verse listeners already have a misinterpretation of the lyrics. The audience presumes that the song will be about depression or shame and disgrace because one would associate not wantingRead MoreThe Beautiful Country Of Honduras848 Words   |  4 PagesThe beautiful country of Honduras is located geographically at the heart of Central America. However, the most important location of this country is in the heart of every Catracho(a); Spanish term for those born or raised at Honduras. To be a Catracho(a) goes far beyond than just sharing territory or the nationality of Honduras. It means sharing an accent, slangs, food, beliefs, values, and folkways that will be detailed further in the paper. Such subculture g oes beyond territorial boundaries, aRead MoreEssay about A Beautiful Girl518 Words   |  3 Pagesbrown eyes, and her skin is white. She is a good friend, and she has kind feelings. As a result of that, Marcela is a beautiful girl in all aspects. Firstly, she is a beautiful girl. She is tall, she is thin, and she has a pair of light- brown eyes. Also, she has long, blonde, and wavy hair. Furthermore, she has white skin, she has long - thin legs, delicate fingers, and beautiful arms. As she has white skin she has problems with the sun, however she is accustomed to that. This means that she canRead MoreEssay about Teen Magazines Negative Influence on the Teenage Society1063 Words   |  5 Pagesabout horoscopes and editorials talking about which teen star is the sexiest. Fashion, makeup, men, sex, celebrities, and exercising are the most popular topics I see as I peruse these magazines. These popular magazines take no time to tell me how beautiful I am, but only tell me the hundreds of things I need to do to improve. They tell me that I need more new, expensive makeup to look like a movie star. These magazines teach me how to seduce a man, but do not tell me how to have a lasting relationshipRead MoreThe Poems Advice For My Son By J. Peter Meinke And Daddy704 Words   |  3 PagesThe poems â€Å"Advice to My Son† by J. Peter Meinke and â€Å"Daddy† by Sylvia Plath are the closest to polar opposites in regards to father figures. The father in â€Å"Advice to My Son† seems to be very loving and concerned about his sons future, while the father in â€Å"Daddy† is quite the opposite. Sylvia Plath paints her father in a very evil, overbearing light. Her words ooze with disdain and hate for her father. The juxtaposition of these two poems shine light on the authors personal relationship with theirRead MoreStandard Of Beauty Essay926 Words   |  4 PagesSociety creates a standard of beauty for women that often changes along with society due to a new perspective on what it means to be beautiful in our culture. These standards for beauty create what our society believes makes a woman desirable, attractive, perfect, and overall beautiful.   Which then enforces unhealthy and unrea listic beauty ideals that negatively affect womens self-image and their body image because society has attributed beauty to self worth. The result is with the ever changingRead More The Importance of Education in a Womans Life Essay591 Words   |  3 Pagesgives advice to her young daughter about many different issues in life. The mother shows love and family togetherness by educating her daughter with her beliefs and experiences that shes encountered throughout her life. The mother very blatantly tells her daughter things she must not do in order to not be called a slut. There are many things a young girl must learn when she is becoming a woman. There is no better teacher than her mother. There are three very important types of advice that shouldRead MoreThe Elegance Of The Hedgehog Analysis1433 Words   |  6 Pagesarguments throughout her story, art is one of the major ones. The characters have several life experiences that help the readers understand better what her over al l point is. Barbery argues in her book, that art is not just a painting; it is anything beautiful in life. Renà ©e and Paloma talk so highly about what art means with their thoughts and actions throughout the book. Barbery starts off the book first introducing the first narrator, Renà ©e. Renà ©e is a fifty-four year old woman who is a concierge atRead MoreAdvice to My Son by Peter Meinke: Essay1273 Words   |  6 Pagesfor the fact that their children are going to have to learn many of these lessons for themselves. Peter Meinke sets out to do just this in his poem â€Å"Advice to My Son†. It is a heartfelt poem, which is beautiful both in how succinct it is, and also deep and powerful the advice really is. In it he not only tackles important day to day advice, but he also helps his son to resolve a question that lies at the heart of the contrast between the thinking of an older, wiser parent, and a younger, moreRead MoreUntitled and Advice to My Son, by Peter Meinke1122 Words   |  5 PagesIt is often common to have an author or the writer of a certain poem write about similar topics and also reflect the same stylistic characters among his or her poems. In Peter Meinke’s two poems, titled Untitled and Advice to my son, he created them both using a specific tone and the same subject to create different themes. Both of these poems also included some of the important elements of poetry. Peter’s poem Untitled is about a father, possibly Peter’s, who is writing this poem to his 10 year

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No Clear Link Between TV Violence and Aggression Essay

No Clear Link Between Television Violence and Aggression There is a great deal of speculation on the role of television violence in childhood aggression. Research demonstrates there may be other intervening variables causing aggression. These variables include IQ, social class, parental punishment, parental aggression, hereditary, environmental, and modeling. With all of these factors to taken into consideration it is difficult to determine a causal relationship between television violence and aggression. It is my hypothesis this relationship is bi-directional - violent television causes aggressive behavior and aggressive people tend to watch more violent television. Over the years there has been†¦show more content†¦Subjects in the aggression condition reproduced a good deal of physical and verbal aggressive behavior resembling that of the models. The data clearly confirmed the prediction that exposure of subjects to aggressive models increases the probability of aggressive behavior (Bandura et al. 1961). Another study sought to determine the extent to which film- mediated aggressive models may serve as an important source of imitative behavior. Children were divided and then exposed to four different aggression models. A real-life aggression condition, a human film- aggression condition, a cartoon film-aggression condition, and a control group. The results showed that exposure to humans on film portraying aggression was the most influential in eliciting aggressive behavior. Subjects in this condition, in comparison to the control subjects, exhibited more aggression and more imitative aggression. Subjects who viewed the aggressive human and cartoon models on film exhibited almost twice as much aggression as subjects in the control group. These results provide strong evidence that exposure to filmed aggression heightens aggressive reactions in children (Bandura et al. 1963a). These results add to the conclusion that viewing violent television produces aggressive behavior. But,Show MoreRelatedThe Hidden Danger: Violence Within The Media. Imagine You1141 Words   |  5 PagesThe Hidden Danger: Violence Within the Media Imagine you are fast asleep and dreaming. In your dream, you are surrounded by violence everywhere and cannot seem to avoid it no matter where you run. You awaken and ask yourself, was that a dream? You suddenly realize that this wasn t a dream, but everyday life. Whenever a person flips on the television, scrolls through a social media network, or just listens to the radio, it seems one cannot avoid being exposed to some sort of violent material. HoweverRead More Is Violence in Films Responsible For Childrens Agressive Behavior?1021 Words   |  5 PagesIs Violence in Films Responsible For Childrens Agressive Behavior? Violence on screen is often offered to the young population, which responds to it in so different ways. Childrens psychological development is based on social experiences and imitations. Children are influenced either by their families (direct source of influence) or by their surroundings (indirect source of influence). The question I will be exploring is the responsibility of the violence in films in children’s aggressiveRead MoreThe Effects Of Media Violence On People1388 Words   |  6 PagesMedia Violence on People Media violence impacts the physical aggression of human beings. It is one of the many potential factors that influence the risk for violence and aggression. Research has proven that aggression in children will cause the likelihood of aggression in their adulthood. Theories have evolved that the violence present in the media most likely teaches the viewer to be more violent. It is a risky behavior that is established from the childhood. Furthermore, media violence is a publicRead MoreThe Effects of Television Violence on Children1315 Words   |  6 Pagesmany illustrating how televised violence can spark violent behavior. Violence in society is a complex problem, and numerous sources can be cited for blame. If control is to be gained, one obvious place to begin is television, for television violence can promote violence in those who see it. This is especially true for our children and the programming provided for them. Many people claim that no cause and effect link can be established between violence seen on television and behaviorsRead MoreThe Criminal Justice System: Media Violence and Social Justice724 Words   |  3 Pagesaggressive and violent. According to such articles, violent content provokes aggressive behavior and violence. Ferguson illustrates that watching satanic content, like in Harry Potter, or teaching of witchcraft can lead to Satanism or mental illness. According to Ferguson (2008), books, rock, jazz, television and watching movies in the media, leads to a wave of moral degradation, rebelliousness and violence. They also clam that new media like internet and video games inevitably cause fear and waves ofRead MoreMedia Violence And Crime Violence1168 Words   |  5 PagesMedia Violence and Crimes There are few debates that have been contentious for so long as the debate of whether violent medias contribute meaningfully to crimes. Because of the majority of shooting events committed by younger shooters, many politicians regard cultural effects as a potential contributing factor, while others dismiss media as a contributing factor. Within the social science community, a similar division exists (Ferguson, 2015). For example, some professional supporting groups, likeRead MoreViolent Video Games Are Violent1677 Words   |  7 Pagesvideo games are violent and should be banned. Many people aren’t sure how violent video games cause people to be violent, but perhaps they’re sure there can be a connection. People are arguing that the first-person shooting games are truly promoting violence which making it more likely to become. First-person shooter games are when the player experiences the action through the eyes of the hero. Some scientist has said that â€Å"in an e xperiment that some of the violent games do increase people anger andRead MoreThe Effects of Television Violence on Children Essay1338 Words   |  6 Pages Thesis Statement: Unsupervised children who watch violence on television exhibit violence in their everyday lives and develop into aggressive adults. â€Å"Research shows that television violence increases levels of aggression, fear, and desensitization among some who consume it† (Hamilton). This quotation by James Hamilton briefly summarizes the potentially negative effects of television on young minds. A child’s favorite television show can keep a child occupied while the mother preparesRead MoreDesensitization From Lack Of Discretion1614 Words   |  7 Pagestyrannical government, loss of freedoms such as our freedom of speech and our freedom of press, and a stronger presence of authority in our lives on the one side. On the other side our country’s moral fabric could come apart, there could be a rise in violence, and the innocence of our children is at risk. It is the innocence of our children that we are going to take a closer look at. What part does uncensored media play in the desensitization of our youth? Why should we be concerned about this issue?Read MoreCause-and-Effect Relationship between TV Violence and Actual Crimes1755 Words   |  7 Pages What evidence do you find in these essays that establishes a cause- and effect relationship between TV violence and actual crimes? The subject of violence and sexuality on television has remained of great concern for both liberals and conservatives, and there are advocates on both sides of the issue in each ideological camp. While some liberals bridle at any attempts to curtail speech, others are concerned about the impact that violent television viewing has upon impressionable viewers like

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Engineering Students Towards Engineering Drawing Education Essay Free Essays

string(89) " left out of this tendency of complain which in bend show in their public presentations\." The attitude of technology pupils towards technology drawing was studied in this research under pupils ‘ position of their coachs ‘ instruction manner, schoolroom environment, single perceptual experiences and features, pre-knowledge of the class and survey stuffs. This questionnaire-based cross sectional study survey of 2nd to 5th twelvemonth technology pupils of the four Departments ( Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Agricultural ) in the College of Engineering of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta was conducted in 2012. The consequence showed that the pupils have positive attitude towards technology drawing but for the teaching manner of the instructors. We will write a custom essay sample on Engineering Students Towards Engineering Drawing Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now It was recommended that instructors of technology drawing should be interested in the topics that they teach, be able to emphasis the demand of the topic to the pupils and see the success of their pupils of import. Keywords: pupils, technology, attitude, pulling Introduction Communication accomplishments and good presentation ability are indispensable for an applied scientist who aspires to transport out his/her professional pattern in the planetary sphere ( Riemer, 2002 ) . The ability to interchange thoughts, understand others ‘ positions, work out jobs and successfully use the stairss and procedures presented depends significantly on how effectual one is able to pass on with others ( Windle and Warren, 1999 ) . Graphic linguistic communication normally found among proficient professionals for communicating of thoughts and information from one individual to another is technology pulling ( Thomas et. al. , 1993 ) . This is used to clearly and briefly pass on all the information necessary to transform an thought or a construct into world. It contains in writing representation of its topic, dimensions, notes and specifications ( Taffesse and Kassa, 2005 ) . Engineering artworks design and building might every bit good be the most of import class of all surveies for technology or proficient calling. This is so because it is used by interior decorators, technicians, sanitarians and applied scientists to pass on designs and building inside informations among the members of these professions. The graphics is written in the signifier of drawings that represent the form, size, and specifications of physical objects. It is read by construing drawings so that physical objects can be constructed precisely as originally conceived by the interior decorator ( Taffesse and Kassa, 2005 ) . Design theoretical account In design procedure, working with design theoretical account is cardinal construct to the interior decorator. The design theoretical account is the reproduction of the theoretical account to be design. This theoretical account could be an abstraction that a interior decorator thought out, convey it on paper in study and/or note signifier, carry out some computations on it, bring forth elaborate formal technology drawings in 2D/3D position either conventionally or computing machine aided through to physical paradigms. The interior decorator uses the theoretical account of design to record and develop thoughts and to supply a footing to measure the design ( Sharma, 2009 ) . In the instance of larger design undertakings where more than one applied scientist is involved, design theoretical accounts are utilised to pass on and show thoughts between all those concerned with the merchandise design, development, industry and usage ( Sharma, 2009 ) . These accomplishments are needed by interi or decorator generate and work with this theoretical account in order to efficaciously pass on thoughts and develop a design ( Sharma, 2009 ) . Engineering drawings are used in many different applications. For case, Surveyors, civil applied scientists, sanitarians use technology drawings to document such plants as the layout of a new subdivisions, or the marker of the boundaries for a piece of belongings. Contractors and building forces use proficient drawings as their bluish prints in change overing architectural and technology designs in to world ( Taffesse and Kassa, 2005 ) . Attitude Everyone desires good consequences from our attempts. Most people are willing to set in their best to accomplish the success and felicity they want. Everyone has the capacity to set in 1s unconditioned potencies into action to get what one desire. But one thing that determines the extent to which one passionately acquire involved in one ‘s enterprise and maximise one ‘s possible to bring forth the quality of the consequence one receive is attitude ( Rohn, 2000 ) . Attitude is a mental province that pre-disposes a individual to move in a certain manner towards the attitude object ( Oppenheim, 1992 ; Sudman, and Bradburn, 1982 ; Oskamp, 1991 ) . When pupils have positive attitude towards a peculiar capable country they tend to show that by systematically puting more clip and attempt in that capable country by assisting themselves through seeking extra acquisition chances to do up for whatever oversights they may be holding ( Lindquist, 1980 ) . Surveies carried out by Simps on, 1978 and Young, 1998 supposed that positive attitudes towards prescribed larning activities and stuffs by and large facilitate the accomplishment of the coveted acquisition results. Researches In instruction, suggests that pupil attitudes toward a capable country lead to academic success ( Popham, 2005 ; Royster, Harris, A ; Schoeps, 1999 ) People ‘s attitude can be affected by unwilled misinformation provided from a negative beginnings of influence by voluntary entry ( Rohn, 2000 ) . Everyone influences and is being influenced from clip to clip. However, one determines the extent of one influenced and to which one is influenced. The factors that have positive strong influence on our attitudes are personality, environment, word look, avowal, self image, association, physical visual aspect ( Eromon, 2010 ) . Research carried out by Goodykoontz, 2008 on factors that affect college pupils ‘ attitude toward mathematics inferred that pupil attitudes are largely affected by four external factors: the instructor, learning manner, schoolroom environment, and appraisals and accomplishment. Additionally, one internal factor that besides affect pupil attitude, is single perceptual experiences and features. By and large talking, technology drawing is a topic that is frequently disliked may be due to clip involved, back interrupting strivings as pupils describe it, enormous work load, deficiency of spacial ability, inability to acquire the preciseness of dimensions, deficiency of cognition of the importance or kernel of the class etc. Undergraduate pupils of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta are non left out of this tendency of complain which in bend show in their public presentations. You read "Engineering Students Towards Engineering Drawing Education Essay" in category "Essay examples" Relationship between pupil attitudes and accomplishment degrees, in some peculiar surveies have suggested that accomplishment degrees have a causal influence on pupil attitudes ( Hannula, 2002 ; Tapia A ; Marsh, 2001 ; Lopez, Lent, Brown, A ; Gore, 1997 ; Midgley, Feldlaufer, A ; Eccles, 1989 ) Academic attainments in establishments of higher acquisition can be considered as an result of two factors: the first is the single properties and the 2nd factor is the systems of instruction and forms of leaving cognition that are organized within schools ( Akinleke, 2012 ) . This survey intends to happen out the effects of both factors as it relates to technology pupils ‘ academic public presentation in technology drawing Materials and Methods This questionnaire based cross-sectional survey of 2nd to 5th twelvemonth technology pupils of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria was conducted in 2012. Second to 5th twelvemonth technology pupils were chosen for the survey to guarantee that participant has at least completed a subdivision in his/her university instruction. All the technology pupils in the four sections ; mechanical, electrical, civil and agricultural technology of the school were included. The sample covered all the pupils who were present at the technology pupils ‘ conference of the college of technology. The questionnaire was distributed and collected at the terminal of the same twenty-four hours. However the pupils that were absent for any ground during the twenty-four hours of the survey were excluded from the survey. A sum of 200 questionnaires were distributed. The ego administered questionnaire assessed information on human ecology, pupils ‘ position of their coachs learning mann er, schoolroom environment, single perceptual experiences and features, pre-knowledge of the class and survey stuffs. Engagement in this research was voluntary and no inducement was offered. Informed consent was obtained from participants after being informed about anon. nature and aim of the survey. Data analysis was done utilizing statistical bundle for societal scientific discipline ( SPSS version 16.0 ) . and trial of significance was considered important was done with qis square statistics. P lt ; 0.05 was considered important. Consequences and treatments Of the 200 questionnaires distributed, 152 questionnaires out the returned 1s were considered appropriate for this survey. Incomplete questionnaires were rejected. The 152 returned questionnaires gave an overall retrieval rate of 76 % . The retrieval rate for respondents in 200 degree was 30.3 % ( 46 ) , 300 degree was 36.8 % ( 56 ) , 400 degree was 14.5 % ( 22 ) and 500 degree was 18.5 % ( 28 ) . While Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Agricultural Engineering Departments are 16.4 % , 27.6 % , 30.9 % and 25.0 % severally. About nine-tenth ( 88.8 % ) of the respondents are males while staying ( 11.2 % ) are females ( table 1 ) . Majority ( 97.4 % ) of the respondents were in technology as their pick while 13.8 % out the 97.4 % are non in their country of involvement. These consequences showed that bulk of the pupils liked technology drawing ( 75.7 % ) while really few pupils 12.5 % did non like it from the first twenty-four hours the class was taught. More than three-quarters-86.8 % ( 132/152 ) did non see technology drawing as a hard topic while 2.6 % ( 4/152 ) and 10.5 % ( 16/152 ) do n’t cognize and make severally see it as a hard topic. As the acquisition progresses 67.8 % still did non develop any hate for the class while 15.1 % and 17.1 % developed hatred for the class and indecisive about the class severally ( tabular arraies 2 and 3 ) . As an applied scientist, one is trained in technology drawing to assist one transform an thought or a construct in to world, communicate designs and building inside informations to others, show constructs and simplify complex 3-d constructions which is a pre-requisite in any watercourse in the field of technology. On the inquiry â€Å" are you cognizant that the cognition of technology will be relevant to you as an applied scientist † 145 pupils stand foring 95.4 % reported the cognition of the importance of technology drawing to them as applied scientists, while 3 and 4 pupils stand foring 2 % and 2.6 % of those who were nescient and cloudy ( tabular arraies 2 and 3 ) . Less than half- ( 44.1 % ) of the respondents offered proficient pulling during their secondary instruction which is the preliminary of technology pulling ethic. One-fifth ( 20.4 % ) of the respondents had information of what the class is all about and 18.4 % of the respondents reported being present at the official debut of the class ( table 4 ) . Detailed technology drawings are produced with the assistance of some particular instruments and/or equipment. Without the assistance of such tools it would hold been really hard for most people to fix technology drawings harmonizing to the general recognized standards/specifications ( Ballegu and Mpagalile ) . On the inquiry â€Å" Do you hold all the instrument needed for the drawing † 77 pupils stand foring 50.7 % reported being good equipped with the necessary drawing instruments. These instruments were provided by the pupils themselves 110 ( 72.4 % ) ( table 4 ) . Good instruments are vehicle in technology drawing for communicating of designs and building inside informations to others. It is ever thwarting when an thought is at that place but the instrument for conveyance is defective, misfunctioning or non available. This thwarts a whole batch of thrust and thought and perchance shackles the flair for technology drawing. Learning environment is really important in sound instruction and larning procedure ( Kenpro, 2010 ) . A typical schoolroom should heighten effectual acquisition. This will engender more positive attitudes toward technology drawing, achieve more and manifest better outlining quality throughout their calling as applied scientists if the acquisition ambiance is really contributing. On the inquiry â€Å" Do you hold contributing auditorium for categories † 118 pupils stand foring 77.6 % agreed that their drawing studio is contributing with 63.8 % of them admiting that they ever get infinite for their drawings boards d uring pulling categories. A sum of 130 pupils stand foring 85.5 % alleged that they are adequate seats for everyone member of the category while 11 pupils stand foring 7.6 % complained that their schoolroom is crowded ( table 5 ) . There are bound of the figure of pupils under the attention and control of a instructor which if exceeded will ensue in deficient and effectual preparation and acquisition. There may besides be terrible disciplinary jobs, and some pupils might be threatened. All pupils should be treated every bit in order to file away effectual acquisition in schools ( New Arrivals Excellence Program Guide, 2007 ) .A About 44 pupils stand foring 28.9 % of the pupils complained that the entire figure of pupils in a category per category period is excessively much for a instructor to pull off. In making an effectual acquisition environment ( table 5 ) , the coach should hold thorough cognition of their topics and should be interested in the topics that they teach, be able t o unwrap the necessity for their topics, and see the success of their pupils of import ( Kenpro, 2010 ) . Teaching pupils is non ever about what is covered per period but how much the cognition that has been efficaciously passed on to them. A image is worth a 1000 words, and sometimes the easiest manner to show something is with an image. This holds true for technology, with technology drawings supplying an easy to understand graphical illustration of something which has been designed by an applied scientist. The drawings may stand for unsmooth bill of exchanges for an object which has non yet been produced, with the drawings being used to research how the point should be made, and they can besides document the procedure of doing or utilizing an point, or merely exemplify how something is supposed to look. The inquiries that assessed the position of pupils on their instructors ‘ learning method utilizing demonstrative form in their instruction revealed that 46 ( 30.3 % ) of the pupils agreed that their instructors are demonstrative in their instruction whereas 25 ( 16.4 % ) pupils hate technology as a consequence of hapless presentation. 13 pupils stand foring 8.6 % of the respondents see technology as something a bstract. On the other manus the pupils ( 68.4 % ) see their instructors as really friendly in the schoolroom ( table 6 ) . This perchance takes the pupils to category. There is high attending of pupils to technology pulling category as 83.6 % of the technology pupils reported regular attending at technology pulling categories with 25 pupils stand foring 16.4 % coverage irregular attending. There is no pupil who stays off from category seeking to analyze technology pulling on his/her ain. The pupils do non care about the clip the pulling takes, greater figure of the category do non see anything incorrect with the continuance of the technology pulling category period. About 37.5 % and 58.6 % of the respondents gets the cognition foremost manus from the instructors ever and sometimes severally. Preference for this pattern in the ever and sometimes classs were reported by 46.7 % and 49.3 % of the respondents severally ( table 2 ) . The pupils gave grounds that assignments were normally given by the instructors ever at the terminal of each of the categories with minority ( 9.2 % ) coverage regular assignment as being excessively much. The appraisal of the handiness of survey stuff showed that there are text editions available for the personal survey among 39.5 % of the respondents. A sum of 30.9 % of the respondents reported being able to use the basic cognition passed on to them in the category in other job and obtain the solution and 40.8 % of the respondents reported working more for better personal development ( table 7 ) . Table 1. Demographic features of the respondents Table 2. Class attending and personal sentiment across different degrees Table 3. Importance of technology Pulling Table 4. Possession of drawing tools Table 5. Classroom status Table 6. Teacher and instruction manner Table 7. Study stuff and personal development Decision The attitude of technology pupils towards technology pulling discussed under pupils ‘ position of their coachs learning manner, schoolroom environment, single perceptual experiences and features, pre-knowledge of the class and survey stuffs showed that pupils have positive attitude towards technology drawing. The lone challenges the pupils are confronting is the learning manner of the instructors. This survey has shown that when there is contributing environment, friendly instructors, positive perceptual experience and character, good survey stuffs and instruments, the instruction manner factor can travel a long manner to impact the pupils. The thought of pulling out syllables and covering it at the terminal of the survey twelvemonth is good but non much more is how many of those things passed on to the pupils meets the original purpose. It is recommended that instructors of technology drawing should be interested in the topics that they teach, be able to demo the demand of the topic to the pupils and see the success of their pupils of import. Recognitions The writers are thankful to the undergraduate pupils of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta whose engagement made this research a success. How to cite Engineering Students Towards Engineering Drawing Education Essay, Essay examples

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Weapons Training Essay Example

Weapons Training Essay The Poetry of Bruce Dawe Weapons Training The poem Weapons training composed by Bruce Dawe, explores the realities of war. The poem is situated in the period of the Viet-Nam war to prepare recruits for war. Dawe, uses a wide variety of techniques to further convey the harsh realities of war. The poem is a forceful text that is design to shock the audience and to bring out an emotional response. Bruce Dawe, writes poems on his own experiences in his life, living during many periods of conflicts. In each of his poems he writes about issues that concern him. Dawe had serves as a pilot for the RAAF for several years and he understands what the young soldiers would feel. For that reason he has composes several pieces of poems about war. One in particular is Weapons training. He believes that innocent young boys should not be conscripted to war, being used as waste-able fighter, nor kill other young boys. For unjust reason on greed, religion or differences. Throughout this poem, Dawe extensively uses imperative commands. There are many reasons as to why he does this. We know that the poem is linked to the Vietnam War and that the speaker is addressing the young recruits. This context is one of the army and we know that there it is governed by rules and regulations. Choice is something that is removed from the recruits and the drill sergeant makes them understand this. â€Å"And when I say eyes right I want to hear those eyeballs click†¦Ã¢â‚¬ At no time does he actually expect a response from them he simply wants them to obey and understand that they have entered into a new world that is very different from the one they have known. We will write a custom essay sample on Weapons Training specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Weapons Training specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Weapons Training specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The imperatives are also used to degrade the recruits and provide a very clear warning of the dangers of war. An example of this is, What are you laughing at you in the back with the unsightly fat between your elephant ears. Again the intention here is to intimate him, making him feeling really small and powerless. Also Bruce Dawe uses another imperative command, when the sergeant intimidate the soldiers , Why are you looking at me, are you queer? This is used to take away individual thinking, where they are forced to think as a group that obediently follows rders. The sergeants job in the army is to change the men into killing machines that have no emotions of killing another human being, because war is a life and death situation and it kill or be killed. In weapon training, Dawe also uses the technique of sexual innuendo. He does this to appeal the recruits masculinity and virility. The examples used in the poem are, Crown jewels and Key in the ignition. hence, Dawe is attempting to excite and worry the recruits by drawing their attention to their potential loss of their sexual organs and thus their manliness. Males general society are their to reproduce the population, and with out their male organs they cannot, representing them as not a man. By sexually making the recruits worry and scared, they will take war more seriously. Through out the poem, Dawe also uses colloquial language and idiomatic Australian expressions. He does this so we can identify our audience and get a greater understanding of the message he is sending. To truly understand many of the terms we need to have a solid understanding of the language as many of the terms are no longer used on a regular basis. They are typically Australian expression that do not have a significant relevance today. The tone of the poem is spoking in a colloquial manner that at times turns to insults. The terms such as, tripes, youve copped the bloody lot and womens tit are all examples of colloquial language that are designed to set a certain atmosphere. The speaker is addressing Australian recruits and is preparing them to fight against Asian enemy. The idioms also further cement the idea that this is an Australian contingent of recruits. He uses a variety of insulting language towards the new recruits. The purpose of the abusive and insulting language is to get the recruits to build hatred and ager against the Yellow Charles. Through war, the drill sergeants wants the recruits to uses all their hatred and anger against the enemy. An example in the poem, you in the back with the unsightly fat between your elephant ears . This insulting verbal abuse transform the recruits in to ruthless cold killers, from the rage they have inside them to release on the enemy. The drill sergeant uses this type of language to also dehumanize them, by turning them from their original self to people who follow orders and kill. Bruce Dawe, uses repetition in the last line in the poem. your dead, dead, dead. The repetition of the word Dead is used to seriously restate the finality of war, that is is not just shooting a coupe of people than going home. But it is days and nights of horrible and gruesome scenes that they have to take part of because if they dont they will be killed themselves. ?Bruce Dawe composes poetically explores the harsh realities of war, with the use of soficicated lanuage techniues to convey his tought of war being wrong in human society. Weapon training in a poem that explores the realities of war. How does dawe demonstrate these realities? dehumanizes hard cold killers killing machines that have no emotions negative view / feel strongly express emotion reaction to the vietnam war Bruce Dawe, writes poems on his own experiences in his life, living during many periods of conflicts. In each of his poems he writes about issues that concern him. Dawe had serves as a pilot for the RAAF for several years and he understands what the young soldiers would feel. For that reason he has composes several pieces of poems about war. One in particular is Weapons training. He believes that innocent young boys should not be conscripted to war, being used as waste-able fighter, nor kill other young boys. For unjust reason on greed, religion or differences. Discuss how the main source of domestic power energy have change over time. The discovery of electricity was one of the most significant innovation for mankind, it has brought humans forward into the new age of Throughout history, humans have always wanted to accomplish many tasks. In doing so there was a need of energy sources, which changed overtime. In 2750 BC the first Egyptian pyramid was built King Zoser the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, with pure man power. Humans from the very start wanted to achieve great feat, but the only source of energy was mass man power. People like most living organisms, convert chemical energy of food into heat energy in our bodies, and change it into mechanical energy for movement to do work. In spite of the enormous man power produce in ancient time, it was still not sufficient enough for the future developments of technology like it is today. By having a demand for energy, humans harness and exploited many other sources of energy. In prehistoric times, as early as the late Homo sapiens era, they discovered how to create fire. Fire was one of the main discovery of mankind. Fire was created by combustion of wood, where the wood was a chemical energy converted into heat energy. By utilizing wood as a energy source to create fire, early humans could use is in many different was to benefits their lives. Some of the advantages on early human society was that, they could cook food, be able to survive in colder climates, and to fight off fierce animals. With the discovery of fire ancient humans also began to use animals as a source of energy that they capitalize from to help humans do work. Domestication of animals (which is a mechanical source of energy) dates back as early to the Mesolithic Period of dogs, goats and sheep. But is was not until the Neolithic Period that prehistoric ways of agriculture with the help of domesticated animals. Animal domestication was a major development of agriculture, with the use of animals to pull plows. With the domestication of animals, agriculture was not the only use of animals. Some animals would be capable of lifting heavy loads, transport, and turn mechanisms such as grindstones. Domestication of animals have lead to a overall improvement (during accident times to some cases of modern use) of living standard, so that not everybody had to be employed in producing food because it contributed in a surplus in production of food. So that people can participate in other occupation such as researching and discovery new means of technology to benefits their society. Domestication has also reated new way of transporting, for instance a horse pull a carriage or wagons to transport goods to the market. Through these jobs that are made easy by animals, it has built up a growing society where people lived in new towns that were developed and that people could have more leisure occasion in their lives. In recent century, people began to take care of their animals and started the rights for animal welfare, which meant that animals could not be used for over exhausting w ork in western society, which lead to another search for a source of energy. For the duration of mankind they has always been search for new and innovative sources of energy, one of which is the use of wind and water energy. Wind and water create a mechanical source of energy, (which was a renewable source of energy), both of these energy were harnessed by the mill. Water and wind mills were created to do work for humans. Most commonly the used to grind grains into flour. The use of the wind and water mill further enhances the production of food for the growing population, during the time, and also sawmills. This source of energy was also used as transport on ships, as early sailing vessels and water powered mill-ships. The exploit of wind for ships was one of the major reason why Britain became so powerful, because of their sailing ships, that they used in battle and transporting goods to sell their products to a wider range of markets. In modern times wind and water is used to power electric generators in hydro electric dams(kinetic energy) and wind turbines. Throughout the countless developments of different sources of energy, coal had to be the most important breakthrough for humanity. The initial use of coal as fuel source was in the Han dynasty in China. Coal is a stored chemical energy that is a type of fossil fuel. Coal has revolutionized the source of energy in our society. It was one of the main bases for the industrial revolution, powering the steam engine, and also used to make metals. From then on, coal has been the main sources of creating energy, because of the exhausted numbers of available wood, and that coal provided a more efficient and powerful source of energy. Coal was used in the production of other new metals such as steel and alloys of iron and carbon. The overly powerful source of energy, from which was coal lead to great manufacturing in factories, were people from rural areas could come and make a living from. From all the push for coal it promoted an issues of over-population of areas where there was mining or manufacturing. The overflow of people contributed to the spread of disease such as the missals and the plague. The flip-side to the uses of coal for energy was the pollution it generated, to the atmosphere and the environment around the areas using coal as fuel. Another type of fossil fuel that is used by humans is gas. gas was traditionally used a source of energy used to light up streets and to warm people in their houses. It has provided lighting during the night, which resulted in the people having more time of light to participate in other activities that they could not do with visibility. Gas was similar to coal in aspect that it help manufacturing but also a pollutant. Fossil fuel today is still the main source of domestic energy in the home. With the wide spread demand of energy, it was made possible harness fossil fuels to create steam powered electric generators, which produced electricity in power plants to supply to homes. With the near depletion of fossil fuels, humans have assed the uses of nuclear energy to power electric generators, which may be environmentally unsustainable. The the growing demand for electric energy have pushed humans to extraordinary lengths for energy. Britannica 2004: Coal mining: ancient use of outcropping coal

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Free sample - Discussions on Psychological Theory. translation missing

Discussions on Psychological Theory. Discussions on Psychological TheoryPresent paper deals with the discussions of the psychological theory and its main principles. According to this theory, usage of drugs and people’s addiction to them can be explained by different factors. The first case under discussion is usage of drugs because of two main factors contributing it. They are reinforcement and personal problems. I completely agree that the positive reinforcement is one of the key factors, making people use drugs. Pleasurable sensations, accruing after drug usage is the main reason of the desire to get drugs again and again. That is why, all people who are addicted to drugs, explain their addiction by this reason. The next motivation for the drug abuse is problems in the emotional life. When people have certain emotional or personal troubles, such as problems in family or relationships, they suppose that drugs are the only way out that can help them to escape from reality. The next point under discussion is drug addiction due to the inadequate personality. People, having the features of the inadequate personality experience low self-respect and feel constant failure of life. As a result they are more apt to become addicted to drugs. I can not agree more with this fact, as in our life there are quite many examples when individuals who are not satisfied with their life try to change this situation with the help of drugs. They think that only under the influence of drugs they can feel more self-confident and successful. The final topic of drug abuse reasons is unawareness of people about the negative effects of such addicting and absence of will power. In this case, the factor of negative reinforcement occurs. Very often, people, suffering from unbearable pains start using drugs in order to decrease pain and unpleasant feelings. They do it without complete understanding of the results, as the only motivation for them is pain relief. Weak will power or its complete absence is very significant factor that should be mentioned. People who are lack of will power have more chances to get into drug dependence. For such people it is very difficult to resist the temptation of drug usage, especially when they are influenced by the friends who are already abused by drugs.

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Caffeine Typing Speed - Sample Science Fair Projects

Caffeine Typing Speed - Sample Science Fair Projects Purpose The purpose of this project is to determine whether taking caffeine affects typing speed. Hypothesis Typing speed is not affected by whether or not you take caffeine. (Remember: You cannot scientifically prove a hypothesis, however, you can disprove one.) Experiment Summary You are going to type the same text repeatedly for a specified length of time and compare how many words you typed before ingesting caffeine and afterward. Materials computera drink containing caffeine and another drink of the same type that does not contain caffeine (e.g., coffee and decaf coffee, diet cola and decaf diet cola)stopwatch or timer Experimental Procedure Drink the non-caffeinated beverage. Wait 30 minutes.Type The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. as many times as you can for 2 minutes. If you can, type using a word processing program that keeps track of how many words you have entered.Drink the caffeinated beverage. Wait 30 minutes. (The peak effects from taking caffeine tend to be felt around 30-45 minutes after taking it.)Type The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. as many times as you can for 2 minutes.Compare the number of words you typed. Calculate words per minute by dividing the total number of words that were typed by the number of minutes (e.g., 120 words in 2 minutes would be 60 words per minute).Repeat the experiment, preferably a total of at least three times. Data Construct a table stating the type of drink and the number of words you could type in 2 minutes.Calculate your average typing speed (words per minute) for each drink. Results Did taking caffeine affect how quickly you could type? If it did, did you type more or fewer words under the influence of caffeine? Conclusions Was your hypothesis accepted or rejected? Can you propose an explanation for the outcome?Do you think you would get the same results if you had tested the effects of the caffeinated beverage first? Caffeine stays in your system for a few hours. When it wears off, some people report feeling crashed instead of normal.How do you think the results would be affected by changing the amount of caffeine? What do you think would happen if you took too much caffeine?Do you think you became better at typing the test sentence over time?If your word processor can track typing errors, did you note any difference in the accuracy of your typing after drinking the caffeinated beverage? Could you propose a hypothesis about the effect of caffeine use on typing accuracy? Things to Think About Caffeine occurs naturally in over 50 different types of plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans, and kola nuts.Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant. Some studies have shown that taking caffeine may temporarily increase concentration, reasoning, and memory. However, the effects of caffeine wear off after a few hours and if you routinely take caffeine you will need to take more to get the same effect.Most adults are exposed to caffeine in coffee and energy drinks. Children are likely to get caffeine from energy drinks, soft drinks, tea, and chocolate. Amount of Caffeine in Common Products Product Caffeine (mg) coffee (8 oz) 65 - 120 Red Bull (8.2 oz) 80 tea (8 oz) 20 - 90 cola (8 oz) 20 - 40 dark chocolate (1 oz) 5 - 40 milk chocolate (1 oz) 1 - 15 chocolate milk (8 oz) 2 - 7 decaf coffee (8 oz) 2 - 4